Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sketches! Sketches everywhere!! And news of what to come!

So here's just a pile of what I've been doodling with on the side for things. Model sessions, character thumbs, what have you.

Oh, and...

Lots of pages soon to come! I've been juggling a couple projects that should be wrapping up shortly, or at least a few of them will be. So hopefully I'll soon be sharing a silly three page involving peter pan, a twelve page western that will be part of an anthology coming out (details on that later), and the first half of a wonderful 23 page intro to a larger form story that my friend, Lisa Tolbert, wrote which can be roughly described as a dark fantasy that is very military and politically driven. Also I might be able to share some story boards and character designs for a group project on the side, though that will probably be later on. We shall see!

Anyhoo, Here are my doodles!

Some mini sketches of some people nearby as I sat in class! This has sparked a new love for pit pen!
This is from a drink and draw event this month that I went to a few days ago for the first time. I really enjoyed myself! Definitely going to make this more of a routine thing.
 Aaaaaaaand sketch dump! Hurah!

     This is just a quick moment of boredom on photoshop.